BCS Corporate Acceptances Ltd.
Important message to all borrows or financial agents
Dear Visitor

Since lodging my website, many potential clients of BCS have contacted my office requesting information about Mr. Mok & Mr. Taylor before entering into an agreement. Many previous clients of BCS have paid an enormous amount of fees to BCS and have never received any money. These requests for information came from all over the world and mostly from business or individuals trying to rebuild their lives. These are all successful people in their own right but unfortunately many people have already advanced hundreds of thousands and sometimes millions of dollars to BCS without getting anything in return. From the emails I have received it is tremendously saddening to see that so many people have lost their capital, their business and even everything they worked for and that not one person has received any insurance or funding from BCS.

If you have a story, a client or have been financially burned by BCS please write to me and I will pass this information on to the authorities around the word. Mr. Taylor & Mr. Mok received money from my company and from many others without being able to finance any of the projects nor did they ever have the resources to get funding. I have lost a lot of income and had to delay my projects for 3 years.

Therefore and I hope that all of you who have lost money will join in and assist me in my efforts to get Mr. Mok and Mr. Taylor to either repay the money or take them before the courts. This website will be removed immediately when Mr. Taylor and Mr. Mok have paid back the money many others and I have paid to them including interest and losses. Mr. Mok and Mr. Taylor know how much money they have taken and the amount to be repaid is not negotiable.

In the last few months, Mr. Taylor has been in front of the courts in Scotland and was ordered by the courts to repay one client already. Other judgements are pending.

Should you be interested to meet with honest and highly professional people who might be able to assist you in funding your projects, please contact me by email at ipmc@maxi.net.au and I will refer you accordingly.
John TaylorJohn Taylor
Mathew MokMathew Mok

Property J. Taylor
We are aware that Mr. Taylor has several other properties including a property in France named “Bella Vista” and several luxury cars. As soon as we have the pictures we will post them on the website. The number plates of the cars and their whereabouts are known to us

Property M. Mok

Dear Reader

Here I am presenting you the office building of BCS in Singapore and their entrance to their office.
I am not sure if Mr. Mathew Mok is still running the office or if he is now based in Hong Kong.

If you know where Mr. Mok is, if you had any dealings with BCS or any other information you will help so many ex clients and yourself if you have paid money to them, to recover ther money BCS has taken from us. Please send me an email at: ipmc@maxi.net.au

Based on information we have received today (19th of July 2010) Matthew Mok is still using the same office in Singapore but he has apparently doing business in China using the same system where the people are less likely to understand English. Further updates when I receive them!


The Gateway building in Singapore

The Office Entrance

Ex BCS Clients
  1. Bernd W. Ade - Amount withheld
  2. Nelly Winarso - Amount withheld
  3. Peter & Jesse Selvarajah - Amount withheld
  4. Pt Triowira Kalimantan - Amount withheld
  5. Name withheld - Amount withheld
  6. Name withheld - Amount withheld
Approximate Total US$ 3.507.000
The losses are enormous. One client lost his business worth US$ 30 million

Purchase Debt


If any debt collector is willing to purchase this debt owing by BCS to us we will give you a fantastic discount. All documents necessary to claim this debt are on hand and will stand up in any court. BCS and their associates have plenty of assets to repay any purchaser of this debt. The debt is approximately €4,000,000.


BCS Lawyers
As mentioned on this website two lawyers have been acting on behalf of Mr. Taylor and Mr. Mok. All the documents will be lodged on this website shortly.

It is not my intention to discredit these lawyers in public subject to further smear tactics as previously encountered. It will be interesting reading for everyone looking at this website. You will be able to form your own opinion about these lawyers and their style of assisting BCS defending their reason for taking the upfront fees.

All written correspondence with BCS and their lawyers will be displayed on this website shortly. Subject to their response the authorities will be acting swiftly to investigate them.

These are the solicitors acting on behalf of BCS (John Taylor).

My experiences contacting both of them were without success. Therefore do not expect anything from them. Further investigations regarding BCS, their associates and their solicitors are progressing. I am sure it will be interesting reading when everything we know has been confirmed. Some of the legal people involved may have to answer some serious questions but this does not mean that the below mentioned solicitor are involved in the BCS scam.  We will find out!

Muirhead Buchanan
8 Allan Park
Stirling. FK8 2QE
Scotland U.K

Tel: 01786 450944
Fax: +44 800 622 6236
Fax 01786 450229
Email: panderson@muirbuch.co.uk

J. P. Fletcher & Co.
8 Newburgh Street
London W1F 7RJ

Tel: 0207 494 4700
Fax: +44 2074944702
Email: info@jpflaw.com

Please Note:

The persons shown on this website have given permission to openly display their names.

There are a further 30 names to be listed subject to approval. It will be interesting reading and you will be amazed where BCS was trying to get money from and from whom but have never delivered any finance.

I would also like to mention that several people are very keen to get involved but have requested not to be named. I have withheld these names but their details are in the hands of the authorities.

In case of further threats thousands of local and international media outlets will receive a "News Flash" stating clearly the activities of BCS and all parties involved. This is ready to go at the click of a mouse.

BCS Insurance
Coming soon.

Court Documents
Extract from Court Documents:

A Midlothian mortgage broker, trading as Caledonia Mortgage Company and J Taylor Mortgages, has had his consumer credit licence revoked by the OFT.

An adjudicator found that the licensee, Mr John Taylor, had been convicted of two offences under the Consumer Credit Act: for consenting to the use by Foremost Mortgages Ltd of his licence; and for trading under a name, Foremost Mortgages, not specified on his own licence. Mr Taylor was also alleged to have provided false or misleading information to the OFT by failing to give his full name on one application form and by giving different dates of birth on two other application forms.

The determination to revoke licence number 298579 was published on 30 January 2004. The licensee was John Ian Taylor, trading as Caledonia Mortgage Company and J Taylor Mortgages. The principal place of business was Braidwood House, Silverburn, nr Penicuik, EH26 9LP.

BCS Contracts
We will only display one contract and all of the additional documents received by the client. The names and details have been removed for legal reasons but can be obtained upon request.

Please be aware that every contract issued by BCS are identical (Templates) and none of them is worth the paper they are written on. Until today, having received hundreds of emails, no one has received funding via BCS. If you have, please let me know.

BCS Contract in PDF format (10.4Mb).

News Updates
Update: 9th of June 2010

Mr. John Taylor is currently before the courts on a regular basis.
He has already repaid some funds to clients as ordered by the court. There have been many more claims lodged with the courts and there will be lots more to come.

It is amazing how many emails I receive per week from people BCS has taken money from or is trying to take money from, without delivering any funds. All the documents issued by BCS are identical, and the insurance documents are taken from templates. However, never was there any money for the people who were paying for Mr. Taylor’s and others expensive lifestyle.

I would also like to inform you that Mr. Mok (BCS Singapore) has threatened me to "Do something to me that my family and I will remember forever". You can make your own assumptions as to what he has actually told me and the sort of gentlemen he is. The reason I make this public is in case it does happen Mr. Mok should be visited first by the authorities. This matter has been reported to the Singaporean Police. It has also been mentioned to the solicitors acting on behalf of BCS but I do not think that this has been taken on board.

All Mr. Mok and Mr. Taylor have to do is pay my money back advanced to then and my damages and I will disappear forever. If Mr. Mok does something to me I can assure you that someone will continue on my behalf until such time my family and many others have received their money they paid.
20th of June 2010

Two (2) solicitors employed by BCS have forwarded letters to our debt collection agency discrediting my personality and claiming that we do not have any reason to claim our funds back. It is well known that every avenue will be used to discredit anyone asking for their funds back. It is, even so a solicitor is only acting on the information his client will provide to him, the duty of care and the solid facts forwarded to both solicitors has been ignored. The upcoming questions we will have for these legal representatives soon will be "WHY".

I am in receipt of 123 emails from all over the world regarding BCS' activities. Are we all wrong?
16th of July 2010

We have been informed that John Taylor has given personal guarantees to the courts to be able to secure a repayment of approximately US$1.5 million.

We have also been informed that John Taylor has a much larger property portfolio as previously estimated. As soon as I receive further information and the list of the properties I will upload then on this website.

There is also an interest from professional and highly skilled debt collectors in Scotland to possible purchase our debt. It will then be out of our hands and it will not be our responsibility as we will be paid before collection of this debt will take place.

If anyone can provide me with further details about BCS, John Taylor, Danny Mason and Mathew Mok please email them to: ipmc@maxi.net.au . We have now sent all the information about BCS and their activity to all major newspapers worldwide.

As the lawyers acting on behalf of BCS J. P. Fletcher and Muirhead Solicitors do not answer any of our correspondence we might receive the answers we like via the media.